DJ Kazo – Time Travel – Techno EP


Time Travel is a new techno EP from artist DJ Kazo, set to be released on April 24th, courtesy of Dark Web Records. A 24 year old Latvian artist currently based in Ireland, DJ Kazo blends elements of traditional trance with acid techno, adding in a bit of contemporary flair for good measure. The songs have a dark energy and have a maintain a consistent, subtle intensity througout. This music penetrates and hypnotizes with a laser like focus. I would describe the sound as retro-futuristic, as it reminds me of a lot of early 90s techno (the best era in my opinion) I listened to when I was in high school, yet the artistic vision in these songs is forward thinking, and the production quality is up to 21st century standards. The vibe here is a little more “cyberpunk” and a tad darker than the cute, “bright and fuzzy” sound that I associate with most contemporary EDM music. There’s considerably more intellectual depth and emotional range in these recordings. The EP only contains 3 tracks (a 3P!) but still manages to pack plenty of heat. Psychically speaking, this music has a high power level. Finally, a DJ with skills and good taste.

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