J.Drive – All I Need (prod. dillygotitbumpin)


All I Need is a new single from hip hop artist and songwriter J.Drive. This track is very professional, and one realizes right away that the performance is of major label quality. One thing that distinguishes J.Drive from many rappers is that he can actually carry a tune. He sings pretty well in fact. In addition to being very tight with the beat, his delivery is fluid and pleasantly melodic. He maintains a moderately intense pacing throughout, his voice in lockstep with the music the entire way. You start to wonder if this guy will ever have to come up for air. He really demonstrates great timing and breath control.


The backing music is energetic and brightly ethereal, while the beat is crisp and formidable. This is a no-nonsense, pure precision, high caliber hip hop jam. At a runtime of roughly 3:31, All I Need cultivates a concise, compact and dynamic sound, making the most of every second of the recording. There’s no phony hype or slick packaging surrounding this release. All of the talent and energy has apparently gone into the substance of the music, and on that front, J.Drive (as well as Dillygotitbumpin and King Atiim) has delivered the goods.

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