Rawle the doll – Funky Sunday (feat. gairsandGod)

funky sunday

Funky Sunday is a new single from artist, Rawle the doll. This collaborative effort also features the vocals of gairsandGod. These two work well together, serving up a vivacious and cohesive sound. While the title hints at the style, there’s more than just funk incorporated into this jam. Funky Sunday employs some killer vintage guitar tones, and the music is just very lively and groovin’ all around. Rawle the doll strikes me as a guy who can just pick up a guitar and rock out at a moment’s notice. gairsandGod’s vocals are full of personality and blend splendidly into the mix. The production has a stylish, old school analog quality to it. Sonically it just sounds very approachable and organic. This track is surprisingly very catchy, and the funky melody gets stuck in your head after only one or two listens. These dudes can really lay it down and seem to have a knack for writing fun and flavorful tunes.

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