Music By Gestalt – Debussy’s Fawn


Debussy’s Fawn is a new album from Los Angeles-based act, Music By Gestalt. This avant garde EP combines elements of the classical and the futuristic. The track titles allude to an accord with nature, with appellations such as The Frog’s Song and Rabbit in a Snowstorm (parts 1-3) and of course the title track itself. There’s a playful innocence that shines through in these recordings, despite their sophisticated craftsmanship and professionalism. A pattern emerges where the songs often begin with mellow, piano driven intros as they slowly develop into jazzy, artfully kaleidoscopic richness. It is in fact, very difficult to classify this music due to its uniquely eclectic character. It could work just as well on a video game soundtrack as it could in a highbrow film.

Ultimately Debussy’s Fawn is colorful, vibrant and brimming with vitality. The music is dynamic and adaptive, with frequent transitions and unexpected, instrumental twists and turns. My favorite songs on this album are those that comprise of the Rabbit in a Snowstorm trilogy. They emit a “classic fairy tale” kind of energy and give the imaginative listener an abstract, “wintry warren” narrative to visualize. This is some of the most creative classical adjacent music you will ever hear. It’s quite good.

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