Lil Gnawty – Ambient Psychedelic Gnawties


Well well well, this is right up my alley. Ambient Psychedelic Gnawties is a collaborative release from a number of Norwegian artists and producers. I can’t even pronounce most of the artists’ names because they are in non-English characters, but refer to the Spotify playlist below for the full lineup.

What makes this album incredible from a creative standpoint is that it blends the sound of 60s psychedelic rock with contemporary hip hop. These 14 mind-bending jams will tune your brain in to uncharted frequencies. The songs are very dreamlike, not in a cute and sparkly, “Rainbow Brite” sort of way but more along the lines of a dark, slow motion, time circuit altering trip. As you might guess, with so many artists involved, there is a lot of musical variety, (particulary in the vocal delivery department but in the backing sounds as well). Some tracks are more beat oriented while in others an Alice in Wonderland style psychedelia is emphasized. Still, the sound is remarkably cohesive and has the feel of an epic. The album can take your mind to some strange places if you allow yourself to really vibe out, so tread lightly. My favorite song on here is probably alvenes siste dans which sounds like a cross between relaxing music from a love scene in an old western film and a post apolcapytic dream sequence from Logan’s Run. Ambient Psychedelic Gnawties is a cool album. I really dig it.

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