Vaughantego – Shoot Shots Forever – EP


Shoot Shots Forever is a new EP from Vaughantego. Legend has it, this artist walked away from music a decade ago. He was ahead of the tech curve and working with computers to create beats long before that practice became mainstream though. Shoot Shots Forever marks Vaughantego’s continued return to music, with a promise of taking chances, regardless of where they may lead. Production quality on this release is obviously very good, as this guy clearly knows his way around a mixing program. The backing music is very ambient and contains a lot of EDM elements, which is somewhat unique for this genre. It’s like if you were to combine vaporwave with soul and R&B. He somehow is able to make this concostion work. The songs are very dynamic and fluid, working in a lot of transitions and essentially functioning like well organized sound collages. There are just a lot of changes within each of these tracks, keeping them fresh from start to finish. Vaughantego tends to describe his comeback musical efforts in very humble terms, stating that they could either lead to “one hell of an inspirational story or a complete train wreck.” Well, this isn’t a train wreck by any means. Shoot Shots Forever demonstrates both creative imagination and technical ability. He can get somewhere with this.

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