Elmark Music – Power of Praise Vol. 1

power of praise

Power of Praise Vol. 1 is a compilation album released by Palmdale-based record label, Elmark Music. This inspirational gospel album features 15 uplifting tracks, aiming to set people on the right path in their lives. The songs combine themes of empathy and struggle with the promise of salvation. What makes this album astonishing though is that from a musical perspective, it defies stereotypes normally associated with gospel music. I have a ton of respect for traditional gospel music (and those who can perform it,) but I have to admit this is groundbreaking. Power of Praise Vol. 1 is high energy and downright futuristic, blending elements of synth-driven disco, EDM and soul. Melodic and fast paced, these songs offer listeners a bright, pulse-pounding ambiance that will appeal to a wide demographic of people. Having music that’s this accessible and fun is a great way to open up people to being receptive to a positive, spiritual message.

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