Nick Davies – Earth Without Art


Earth Without Art is a new track from singer-songwriter, Nick Davies. This timely track is about as immediately relevant as it gets, since it deals with the subject of the current COVID-19 pandemic. The purpose of the song is to inspire artists to continue creating in this uncertain age and resist the inclination to be discouraged. Nick wants you to keep making music and pursuing your artistic goals. The arts are now as important to society as ever.

Earth Without Art is an impressive single in its own right. The song features an electric piano/Wurlitzer style backing which builds into a wider array of brightly symphonic pop instrumentation. This guy is a phenomenal singer. He’s so good that I’m surprised his music isn’t playing in grocery stores everywhere. Excellent radio quality production and a performance that ranks up there with Billy Joel and Michael Buble. Whether you’re currently involved in the arts or not, Give Earth Without Art a listen, and maybe it will inspire you to create something. It’s a strong message bolstered by an equally powerful performance.

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