Johnny the Hobby Artist – Planet Suicide


Planet Suicide is a new single from Johnny the Hobby Artist. This clean and crisp apolactypic jam combines elements of hip hop, EDM and spoken word poetry with armageddon fueled anime visuals. This unique blend stands out, mostly owing to the commanding vocals and powerful delivery. Johnny the Hobby Artist (a native Texan whom is also known as JRS3) is a talented poet. The lyrics have a coherently creative structure to them and flow smoothly. Johnny has some oratory skills and would actually do very well as a narrator or voiceover artist. While the tone of the track initially appears ominous due to the aesthetics and subject matter, the message is actually a hopeful call to action as Johnny the Hobby Artist offers up his prescriptive vision for a path out of this mess. Believe it or not, there’s enough high octane energy that you could still dance to this music. I think it would be interesting to see this live as a performance art piece, complete with props and set design. Some cool stuff here. I’d like to hear more from this guy.

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