PAIN is a new single from Brooklyn-based artist, GAZBE DEBONAIR. He also happens to be Haitian, and the Caribbean vibes in his delivery enhance the song, giving it a melodic and natural timing that blends effortlessly with the backing music. There’s just something about the combination of his performance and the mix that seems to flow very well here (COOK AKA COOK MONSTA is credited with the production side.) The sound is hypnotic and GAZBE seems totally relaxed and in his element. Where this track really shines are the points of emphasis on certain words and phrases, which really hit home. The pacing is stylishly more mellow and modest than most contemporary hip hop jams but GAZBE’s voice makes effective use of it through emphasis and musicality. This guy is one of those rappers that seems this all just comes natural to him. You should check out the video for PAIN as well (filmed by SIXRAYSPRODUCTION). It’s high quality and GAZBE rocks a pretty sweet Calvin Klein hoodie while he performs this number.

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