M.A.T.T – Majestic


Majestic is a new album from “M.A.T.T” This spicy EP features romantic tracks that blend elements of hip hop, R&B and pop. Repetitive, mantra like choruses make these jams instantly catchy. Songs like Thinkin’ Bout You almost immediately gets stuck in your head. M.A.T.T’s vocals convey sentimentality and humble strength against formidable backing beats and smooth instrumentals. Each of these tracks has a really cool and attention grabbing intro before it kicks into high gear. As an album, Majestic has a ton of pop appeal. The sound is very mainstream friendly, and the relationship dynamic in the lyrics should resonate with both sexes, depending on perspective. While the album has alludes to a sexually charged atmosphere, it isn’t particularly explicit. The ambiance is more oriented toward late night romantic encounters and the emotional bond being formed. This is a good mainstream friendly release with a couple of radio ready tunes. My favorite song on here is Tonight, which is graced with some memorably stellar female vocals.

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