Vice Carter – Art of Wu II

art of wu

Art of Wu II is a new mixtape from hip hop artist, Vice Carter. This is actually the 15th mixtape this guy has cranked out and the sequel to Art of Wu. As the title suggests, the “Art of Wu” series is intended as an homage to the iconic hip hop outfit, Wu Tang Clan. This epic release features a whopping 25 tracks. With classic analog vibes and robust language, these songs capture the spirit of 90s hip hop. Songs like Cobra Clutch are bumpin’ from the opening bell with an assertive delivery, thick beat and no-nonsense vibe. There is just so much material here to peruse. Gumbo is another interesting mix with a more mellow and ambient vibe. With a plethora of samples, beat variety and performer contributions, Art of Wu II will keep you entertained for hours. You should definitely peep this recording.

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