Kiyahotpeppa – Shoes on the Chevy (ft B. Unique)


Shoes on the Chevy is a new single from Alabama-based hip hop artist, Kiyahotpeppa. This song is full and rich with teriffic sonic quality. From an audiophile perspective I’d have to consider this to be one of the most pleasing mixes I’ve ever heard in this genre. It just hits all the right frequencies. Blending elements of hip hop, pop and R&B, the music never veers too far off in one direction. The appeal is very mainstream and approachable. Kiyahotpeppa values sincerity and realism, and one can sense this expression in the tone of his delivery. B.Unique’s backing vocals help to soften and smooth out the edges of the track, accentuating the eloquence of Kiyahotpeppa’s vocals. The ambiance is mellow but determined, as Kiyahotpeppa comes across as profound without being aggressive or arrogant. Shoes on the Chevy is an excellent and enchanting piece of music. This guy does a fine job of representing the Birmingham music scene.

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