Manny Maserati – Black Rose Project


Black Rose Project is the debut independent album from artist, Manny Maserati. Released on the Street Allure Music Group record label, this album contains a whopping 15 adrenaline packed tracks. Super stylish and occasionally retro backing music sets the stage for Manny’s no-nonsense delivery and commanding vocal presence. His lyrics are less cliche than those of most hip hop adjacent releases. He often goes into great detail and uses creative metaphors and similes, occasionally even incorporating medical terminology into his songs. I found myself wondering if maybe this guy even spent some time in med school. There’s a worldly “jack of all trades” element to his writing and just a ton of substance here.

The ambiance ranges from laid back to intense, but all songs are lively and action-oriented. For example, the title track Black Rose is formidably engaging, while Flooded Jewels is more of a getaway car jam. Black Rose Project is professionally put together, and it would still be impressive even if it wasn’t a debut album.

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