– Royalty Free Beats


As a musician, producer or content creator, it can be frustrating to find backing music and beats online to use for your projects. There’s usually some gimmick associated with services that offet beats, or you simply get stuck with the same basic, crappy presets that can be heard in a zillion other songs. The beats (and I listened to quite a few of them) at are of label quality and suitable for professional recording projects. Nothing, cheap or “homebrew.” They are also available right there on Youtube and simple to browse. You don’t have to go mining the depths of some obscure, buggy database to find these jams. Many of the beats are hip hop oriented, catering to a plethora of moods and sub-genres, but there are also some pop and EDM adjacent instrumental backings as well. They even have a pop punk, Blink 182 style track, which does in fact capture the authentic pop punk sound. There’s not much more to say. Just check out their channel and listen to the beats for yourself. Make sure to read the fine print and respect their guidelines if you decide to make use of any of their music.

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