J.T. Hiskey – Let’s Ride


Let’s Ride is a new single from Salt Lake City based artist, J.T. Hiskey. Haters can say what they want about this jam, but it has all the ingredients of a viral hit in the making. First off, the production is clean, and the audio is very high quality. The song blends elements of country, alternative and hip hop but does it a way that’s more mellow and laid back than something abrasive like Kid Rock. The ambiance here is closer to 90’s Beck. This is one of those songs that people will claim is super annoying while secretly singing along to it. The catchphrase “Let’s Ride” is repeated to an almost comical degree (though clearly J.T. has done this with a “tongue in cheek” self awareness) and will absolutely be burned into your brain. The song’s brief runtime (1:37) and macarena-like verses make Let’s Ride an instant pajama party classic. Hiskey clearly has a lot of talent and knows how to write a catchy song. I’ll ride with this guy anytime…Let’s Ride!

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