Matthew And The Arrogant Sea – The Line


The Line is a new single from Matthew And The Arrogant Sea (a well known indie band from Denton, TX that has been around since 2001). There’s actually a film called Nosebleeders which documents this band’s early days. It’s available on the their website,

For an indie production, The Line sounds highly refined. This isn’t a Lo-Fi or homebrew recording, just a crystal clean and non-abrasive sound, probably better than what comes out of most contemporary major label studios. Performance wise, you really get the sense right off the bat that these are seasoned professionals who have been playing their instruments for a long time. It’s difficult to even classify this style of music because it isn’t trying too hard to fit into any niche or “project an image.” This is honestly just good old fashioned, avant garde indie rock, with maybe a hint of alternative and a touch of twang. The pacing is mellow, and the ambiance is brimming with reflective sentimentality. Don’t be fooled by the subdued and contemplative atmosphere, the guitars still rock, and the singer passionately belts out the lyrics with the best of his peers. Musical intensity slowly builds as the song plays, correlating with the escalation in emotion. Overall, this is a very artful and effective song. There’s not much more to say about it, as it’s obvious these guys know what they’re doing. Just trust me, it’s good.

For the full effect, I recommend watching the video for This Line, which was shot on location at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO and was directed by acclaimed director, Cole Mitchek. This excellent video is visually stunning and creatively edited. I can see why they wanted to use this historic setting, which looks like something out of The Shining.

Matthew And The Arrogant Sea is also set to release a new EP next month titled A series of dreams #2 —But..Who are you now? I suggest you check it out.

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