Wynter Glo – Typical Glo


Typical Glo is a new single from up and coming hip hop/pop artist Wynter Glo. Born in Germany and raised in Texas, Wynter Glo lives up to her moniker as this jam radiates with pure unadulterated energy. Her performance is characterized by a vibrant and no-nonsense delivery. Backed by a futuristic, synth driven beat, her lyrics are catchy and expressed in a well-timed fashion which subconsciously encourages listeners to sing along. The action moves at a moderate and deliberate pace, all the while brimming with determined intensity. Typical Glo has a slight edge to it, yet will appeal to pop sensibilities. This artist is all about getting things done and putting first things first.

For more info:

TWITTER (@ItzWynterGlo): https://twitter.com/ItzWynterGlo

INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/wynterglo/?hl=en
FACEBOOK – https://m.facebook.com/ItzWynterGlo/
‎APPLE MUSIC- https://music.apple.com/us/artist/wynter-glo/1465150679