White Devil – Blame It on the Goat


Blame It on the Goat is a new album from Denver-based artist, White Devil. Supposedly the album is technically still in demo form and waiting on some post-production finishing touches, but I would have never guessed that from listening to it. It sounds very professional as far as avant garde and experimental releases go. I’m not even sure how I wuld classify this music as it blends elements of electronic, hip hop, and metal in creatively interesting ways. It’s kind of like a darker, and more socially provocative version of Treasure Mammal. As you might ascertain from looking at the album cover, the ambiance is delightfully demonic and intentionally creepy. The songs are very collage-like, utilizing a range of samples and vocal processing effects. Of course, actual guitars and drums are being played, and lyrics are being sung/rhymed/spoken as well.

Most of these tracks are highly entertaining and occasionally humorous, but they still maintain their edge and offer a kind of abstract form of social commentary. There are racial themes being subtly explored in these songs (even in the title). The artist mostly leaves the interpretation for the listener, but songs like let’s face it (the word) demonstrate his refreshing commitment to simply dealing with these subjects openly and honestly, one way or the other. One could easily visualize this album being staged as a performance art piece.

It must be noted the actual backing music is quite enjoyable, too. The styles range from rocking to smooth beats to 80’s aerobics dance music, all of it performed up to par. Blame It on the Goat will absolutely get your attention. My favorite song on here is definitely white sour. I can’t really explain why, but you’ll understand when you listen to it. It’s just epic.

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