Bando Brothaz – Can’t Stop (ft. Cash First)


Can’t Stop is a new single from Charleston based hip hop outfit, Bando Brothaz. Featuring Cash First and powered by Powered By Fever Boy Ent & Stack Promotions ATL, this pimp tight track is a danceable, crowd pleaser. The lyrics cultivate a slick and high rollin’ aesthetic as the listener can visualize the lavish scenery. There is some processing on the vocals here and there, which normally I’m not a huge fan of, but the way it is alternated here is structurally effective, creating an instrumental effect and helping to distinguish performers. Where this song really excels is in the timing. The delivery is tight with with the beat to a mathematically precise degree. These guys really do have skills, and they manage to work their sound work cohesively without egos getting in the way. As the title indicates, the action here never stops moving. This is a lively and vibrant party track that will also potentially motivate you to go after whatever it is you want.

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