Philly Blocks – CEO (Prod. By DP Beats)

CEO Video

CEO is a new single from hip hop artist, Philly Blocks. This biztastic jam features top of the line production and a solid, straightforward vocal performance. The title isn’t so much to be taken literally (even though it’s great to make a lot of money and be rich). Rather it’s more about adopting a CEO mentality, handling your business and taking charge of your life. In that sense it is a somewhat motivational song, while his other recent track Days of Our Lives centered around nostalgia. Philly’s assertive and confident delivery is backed up by genuine skills. This guy has a good, natural flow and structuret to his cadence. The video is excellent visually and is well edited. The setting isn’t exactly one where you’d expect to find a CEO hanging out, but that serves to emphasize the song’s message of “finding your inner boss.” CEO is a cool release, and this artist continues to produce high level output.

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