IGOTEM x Micah Thomas – KNOW


KNOW is a new single from North Carolina based artists, Micah Thomas and IGOTEM (with Thomas being from Fayetteville and IGOTEM from Lumberton). This track combines elements of hip hop and R&B, and offers an elevated listening experience. With a classically refined, smooth and — at times — surprisingly futuristic backing, this song sets the stage for some impresssive rapping. The performers do deliver on that front as well. The timing and clarity are both on point, but what I especially admire in their performance is how they tackle long monologues without needing to come up for air. It’s not that difficult to rap a few clever lines and hold it together, but the way they manage to “get on a roll” and go on for extended periods demonstrates some real talent. The skill level here is high and the beat is especially tight. KNOW is a classy, reflective and emotionally intense song which also seems to promote spirituality.

For more info:

Micah Thomas Instagram: officialmicahthomas
IGOTEM Instagram: Sunlightemoji