Prime 1 – So Untouchable


So Untouchable is a new single from Los Angeles-born hip hop artist, Prime 1. My first impression is that this guy can deliver at speeds that would give Bone Thugs-N-Harmony a run for their money. Turns out he’s actually opened for them before and Too Short as well. You don’t really need to listen for long to realize Prime 1 is a seasoned professional.

Born in 1983, he grew up during a golden age of hip hop and his music reflects a kind of retro 90’s style. Not in any kind of gimmicky way, there’s just more of that attention to skill and music quality that you don’t see as often anymore. He apparently started out as a gospel rap artist for several years. Putting in that kind of substantive work in his early days probably explains why his fundamentals are so sound and he can actually sing. Prime 1 can hold his own rapping, but it’s clear from hearing his vocals that he could probably excel in almost any genre of music he wants.

So Untouchable is a romantically themed, pristine jam which manages to incoporate some groovy guitar in the backing music. The catchy “do do do” chorus is sure to get stuck in your head. This is a very talented artist, and I can see why he’s able to score shows with hip hop icons. Pretty soon, up and coming artists will be wanting to open for him.

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