SM – Want You to Know


Want You to Know is a new single from Colorado-born artist, SM (SICKMINDED). His professionally produced tracks have already racked up 130k Spotify streams in a single month, and I also have to compliment his album cover artwork, which is definitely in the upper echelon of quality as far as indie releases go. This particular jam, Want You to Know, blends elements of pop and hip hop. It makes creative usage of breaks to give the music an unconventional yet innovative structure. The synth driven beats and vocals come through crystal clear, and the sonic quality in general is just incredible. Whoever was involved in mixing and mastering this really knew what they were doing. As the title indicates, this is an emotionally expressive and romantically themed song with alternative male and female parts. The conversational dynamic is well choreographed, and the narrative is easy to follow. Want You to Know is a solid release. This guy has his own unique style nailed down.

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