DJ Raw B – Uncorrupted

Uncorrupted is a new album from hip hop artist, DJ Raw B. A seasoned veteran of the underground hip hop scene, his experience in the industry dates as far back as the early 1990s, when he served as DJ and co-host of the San Francisco-based show, Beat Sauce. Uncorrupted has an avant garde quality to it (even the watercolor style cover art manages to convey this). The album really does have that early-90s, golden age feel to it, back when DJs didn’t merely push buttons on laptops but relied on manual dexterity and physical craftsmanship when making music. Whether that ambiance is being simulated here or not, this guy has clearly spun and scratched a few records in his day. These songs have a veterans touch. The music has a “haunted,” eerie tone, the kind of thing you might find yourself skateboarding to on a fall night. The rapping itself is superb, with focused delivery and rhymes that culimate at just the right moments. Uncorrupted is a classic West Coast album with timeless appeal. More people need to know about this guy.

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