Cruz Milan – Bad


Bad is a new single from Miami-based (though originally from Akron, OH) artist, Cruz Milan. Rather than it being a song about the singer himself being cool or “bad,” the track is like the audio of a love letter to someone who treats you poorly and who you know is bad for you, yet you still love anyway. Terms like “cold” and “ice” function as metaphoric motifs throughout the song. Milan’s vocals are heartfelt and expressive, as he artfully articulates his case. Though it’s a romantic track, his delivery is smooth, and the beat is fresh enough to give the song a lively edge, even if one isn’t invested in the narrative arc. Musically, Bad blends elements of chillwave, pop and a touch of hip hop. The ambiance is mellow, with deep reverb emphasizing the lonely vibe. I really like the beat, has a tropical quality to it and features sparse and pleasantly sweet synth sounds. Bad is a good and honest song, combining cold romantic realities with budding young talent.

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