Oh Well – Us


Us is a new single from Oh Well, a Chicago based “anti-pop” project. This is rad and definitely superior to contemporary “normal” pop music. The song mirrors the vapid nature of pop music, while at the same time offering up a refreshing ambiance of realism. This is like one of those pop songs about a situation not working out, but the artist basically just says “Oh Well.” When he ramps up the emotional intensity and expressiveness, he’s still not really saying anything substantive. It’s actually kind of brilliant, in a quirky and avant garde way. One thing I will make note of is this guy sings better than most actual pop stars, which lends this project more credibility than if it existed merely as experimental performance art. He really has a good voice and doesn’t add a bunch of abrasive processing and cheap autotune. I could totally see this guy gaining some traction underground.

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