Fitch Means – 2AM Drive


2AM Drive is a new EP from Pennsylvania R&B artist, Fitch Means. Written after a breakup, the album is inspired by the artist’s late night drives, which Fitch claims help “clear his mind.” I can certainly relate, since I often go on long walks in the middle of the night for the same reason. From both a technical and artistic standpoint, Fitch can really hold his own as a singer. There’s no question about that. What further elevates these songs however, are the hooks and the excellent songwriting. The title track 2AM Drive has one of the most perfectly choreographed choruses in recent memory. At the moment it hits, you just nod your head and realize, “Yes, this song really has it.” Other tracks like Pretend incorporate some creative and unexpected sounds into the background. All of the songs manage to capture a nighttime, Blade Runner style ambiance of desolation, solitude and quiet reflection (but in a positive way). The music is smooth and the performance is stellar. 2AM Drive is a solid EP, and clearly a lot of thought and effort went into this project. You know what they say, “you get out of something what you put in.”

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