Chazz G – UberDriver (feat. Mouse Sucks)


UberDriver is a new single from Chazz G, a producer, engineer and recording artist from the DMV area. His experience in production really shows on this recording, as the sound quality is pristine, and the mix is fantastic. The song is very advanced, both technically and in terms of performance. Featuring a melodic and slightly groovy, retro sound, this track blends elements of golden age hip hop, R&B and maybe even a little disco. The vocals are dynamic and stellar, somehow managing to live up to the ultra impressive musical backdrop. The rapping interludes that feature “Mouse Sucks” enhance the song further, giving it a pleasant, mellifluous vibe, often summoning the energies of A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.

Though the keen attention to quality and musical fundamentals in UberDriver sometimes makes it sound like it’s from a superior era, it’s very much a relevant, contemporary song (just look at the title). It combines a relatable 21st century lyrical “adventure” narrative with great music and performances that bring it all to life. The best of all worlds. Seriously, this jam is so good, better than anything you’ll hear on the radio in 2020.

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