LOCK DA DON – How You Say (feat CEO Elchapo)


How You Say is a recent single from hip hop artist, LOCK DA DON, (which also features CEO Elchapo). The beat has a summertime, tropical vibe. That same ambiance is conveyed visually in the video for this jam, which appears to have been shot in both Miami and Atlanta. LOCK was actually born in Bainbridge, Georgia. His primary motivation is not just notoriety but also that he doesn’t want his family “to experience the average struggle any longer.” As a rapper, he has excellent timing, a slightly southern delivery style and a distinct voice. The title How You Say refers to when people make bold claims about having money and status that aren’t backed up by the facts. LOCK DA DON calls these people out throught the song in a very no-nonsense manner. I really like the beat used on this track. It’s super crisp and succinct. Production on both the song and the video are good as well. The often repeated phrase How You Say becomes quite catchy after a few listens. Be sure and check out the video below.

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