MRIZ – Freakshow


Freakshow is a new single from artist, MRIZ. The song appears on the album, Chimera, which was just released yesterday. Set against a piano/synth and harpsichord (!) powered musical ackdrop, MRIZ’s emotionally expressive vocals manage to combine elements of affliction and empowerment. “You called me a freekshow. You’re not wrong, but I’d rather be a freakshow than what you are,” she proclaims profoundly, but with an underlying sense of having been hurt. The song has a certain tender angst that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt out of place or misunderstood. Freakshow is less edgy than it appears. It’s a very sincere and quietly moving song that really cuts through and gets to you. MRIZ gives an impressive performance and manages both to convey and evoke genuine emotion.

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