Matthew Austin Hunt – Bye London Bye


Bye London Bye is a new single from singer/songwriter Matthew Austin Hunt. It’s an acoustic/electric jam that rings through clear as a bell, featuring a bright, clean sound. The recording quality is excellent, really. The song itself is exactly what the title implies, as the artist sings about leaving London and reflects on what he will miss. Of course, he’s not talking about the weather or tourist traps like Big Ben. Rather, this is about a girl he fell in love with “in the streets of London.” His performance is heartfelt and romantic, and the theme is one I can personally relate to, having fallen in love with girls from faraway places more times than I can count. Matthew’s a great singer as well. There’s no autotune or annoying processing on the vocals. Listening to this song, I get the sense this is one of those guys who can pick up an acoustic guitar and perform a song like this without missing a beat. Bye London Bye is minimalist in terms of instrumentation but still has a full sound. This track is quite good.

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