plzdontclickhere – Home Sick (PT) (2)

Home Sick (PT) is a new single from Seattle-based artist, plzdontclickhere. He’s been making music for several years and recently transitioned from creating dubstep to house music and futures bass. While he claims to currently just make music “for fun,” the songs he puts out demonstrate a fairly advanced skill level as opposed to that of a hobbyist. As one might ascertain from the title, Home Sick (the first single off his new album) is about how the artist misses his hometown of Port Townsend, WA. (3)

Featuring a slick, Beverly Hills Cop style intro and beat, the track quickly asserts itself as a full and lively EDM jam. The vocals are vibrant and emotionally expressive. Despite the subject matter, the vibe of Home Sick is more high octane and energetic than melancholy, as this totally danceable song will actually get you amped up. It’s great to hear a track that’s fueled by pure passion and backed by solid songwriting craftsmanship. The beat is very cool, and the vocals are good enough that they don’t detract from it at all. Lots of excitement here, and this jam is sure to be a club crowd pleaser.

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