Hei$enberg – Bad Chick

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Bad Chick is a new single from Texas born hip hop artist, Hei$enberg. The song actually pays tribute to a certain kind of strong, assertive woman who handles business and doesn’t take crap from anyone. Hei$enberg eloquently (and sometimes with subtle humor) lays out all the reasons why he respects this chick. Set against an eerie synth beat, his delivery is very straightforward, consistently timed and matter of fact. His blunt yet mellow style actually reminds me a bit of vintage Snoop Dogg, 2Pac and other 90s icons. This no-nonsense approach to rap is refreshing in an age where performers employ a lot of smoke and mirrors in their songs and focus on so many other elements, rather than just making a fun catchy jam. Free of such gimmickry,Bad Chick is precisely what it presents itself as, a track paying homage to a badass chick.

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