Danjul – Faded Destiny


Faded Destiny is a new single from artist, Danjul. Creatively structured, this synth driven track blends elements of pop and R&B in ways which always keep the listener guessing. The minimalist and haunting intro creates a sense of intrigue. You can tell the song is about to kick in at any moment but aren’t sure if it’s going to be a hip hop jam, pulse pounding EDM song or Castlevania music.

Spoiler: it’s none of the above. Faded Destiny is an ambient indie pop song that’s emotionally expressive and vocally driven. The backing music serves as an atmospheric backdrop for Danjul’s passionate delivery and expressions of romantic longing. That this song is as sentimental as it is comes as a pleasant surprise, since the cover art is fairly enigmatic. Danjul also demonstrates great command of timing throughout, matching his vocal patterns to a beat that’s complex and dynamic. He’s not looking for an easy way out. All in all, this is a solid single that earns a few extra points for originality.

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