IMMI – Xunor Kharu Nelage Muk


Xunor Kharu Nelage Muk is a new release from Indian singer/songwriter, IMMI. It’s a cover of a song by famous Assanese artist, Dipali Barthakur. Though I’m not familiar enough with the language to understand any of the lyrics, the music is exquisite, and IMMI’s vocals are stellar. She definitely does this song justice. IMMI’s delivery is dynamic and brimming with enthusiasm. The performance is very lively and puts a vibrant, contemporary spin on this classic jam. Her band “Immi and the Mahoots,” features some awesome guitar and bass players, which add another dimension to the track. While IMMI’s powerful voice drives the action, the backing music provides a spirited, robust framework. The guitars really enhance the emotional intensity, taking things up a notch.

The production quality on Xunor Kharu Nelage Muk is top of the line. This isn’t a “lo-fi” mix. It’s a major label quality recording. Everything shines through with pristine clarity, and the band is using legit gear (as can be seen in much of the footage). Likewise, the video is professionally shot. Though the sets are intimate rather than elaborate, the visuals capture the energy and atmospheric euphoria of the song. The video is exciting because of the musical action taking place and the expressions of the performers. There are no distractions or narratives needed. All in all, this is a solid release, in terms of both audio and visuals. IMMI’s vision brings Xunor Kharu Nelage Muk into the 21st century while retaining the purity of the song.

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