Vivian – The Warped Glimmer


The Warped Glimmer is a new single from Colorado-based duo, Vivian. The single is from the album title of the same name. I have to say that the geometric cover art is right up my alley. It’s a gorgeous, colorful and aesthetically pleasing modernist design. I took one look and knew this was going to be good. The music is in the style of dream-pop (which I love) but also with an interesting twist. The ambiance here is mellow and almost haunting at first, and then the beat kicks in and you can feel the deep energy of this song, which could power a force field. Alana Rolfe has a teriffic voice, a much better singer than one typically finds in this genre. The backing music is dynamic, darkly futuristic and full of surprises. The Warped Glimmer makes creative use of every moment of its 4:31 runtime. I honestly love this band.

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