YELLA YELLA – Freak of Nature (feat. Sauce Walka)


Freak of Nature is a new single from Texas-based hip hop artist, YELLA YELLA. Also featuring “Sauce Walka,” this spicy and salacious track is brimming with intensity. YELLA YELLA’s delivery is clear, confident and assertive. She describes her music as “raw and more on the freaky side,” and I definitely concur. It’s also very fun to listen to, even in its no-nonsense approach. Production wise, the recording is clean and slick. Audio quality is really nice, and there isn’t a bunch of annoying autotune or processing to get in the way of the vocals. The backing beat has a feverish and slightly sinister quality to it, providing an appropiate backdrop for this fresh content. Freak of Nature is a solid jam that gets the juices flowing.

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