Perfect Society – VNBlind

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VNBlind is a new album from Brooklyn based, Swedish multi-instrumentalist and composer, Perfect Society (real name Andreas Borg). This rather unique release combines various acoustic string instruments with analog synths, resulting in an ambient and retrofuturistic sound. The vibe is positively ethereal, with occasional aquatic elements (in tracks like Broken Ulysses Pact) creating an atmosphere that feels a little more in tune with nature than the average contemporary synth-driven output.

While these songs are crafted meticulously and ultimately present as avant garde, there is also a new age component. I found VNBlind to have meditative and therapeutic value, though the the music is of the energizing variety rather than the type to put you to sleep. The occasional “analog tape hiss” and crackle add a plesant warmth that would be lacking in a strictly digitized version of this. My favorite jam on here is probably The North Star, which is engaging and has a killer beat. Overall, this album is quite enjoyable. It’s intellectually satisfying, yet doesn’t come across as pretentious.
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