Troy Remedy – Gratitude (feat. Bizzy Bone) (4)

Gratitude is a new single from hip hop artist Troy Remedy. Also featuring iconic rapper Bizzy Bone, this high octane track is melodic and sentimental. Clearly, Bizzy hasn’t lost a step in all these years and brings that distinctive vocal magic and “Micro Machines” tier quickness he’s globally recognized for. For his part, Troy’s earnest and robust delivery strikes just the right balance between charismatic and humble. He raps with a lot of heart. The two of these guys actually have pretty good synergy on this track, as Bizzy Bone’s pleasant musicality contrasts nicely with Troy’s starightforward, rhyme realism.

As the title implies, the song is relative upbeat and positive, promoting thankfulness while encouraging people to be real about themselves. The backing music is delightful to listen to, much more ambient and ethereal than that of the typical hip hop song. Gratitude is a teriffic track, and I highly recommend that you check out the video for this jam as well.

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