Flame of Life – The Water is Dead


The Water is Dead is a new single from Flame of Life, a group which decsribes themselves as a lazer-band. The sound is experimental and eerily provocative. It’s likely to confound people who have been corrupted by normie tastes and contemporary pop garbage. However, I like it. It reminds me of a lot of obscure 90s Lo-Fi and cassette oddities that one would read about in popular indie zines or occasionally find in random bins at long gone record stores. The vocal delivery is unlike any I’ve ever heard. It’s like if you were to combine grunge, punk and the delirious ravings of someone in a santitarium. So yeah, I guess you could say it’s pretty cool. Even the cover has an aesthetic, retro screenprinted vibe.

If this had come out 25 years ago, it would have made a good candidate for the soundtrack of the Larry Clark film, KIDS. One of my favorite things about The Water is Dead was seeing the reactions of listeners on Soundcloud, many of whom had no idea what to make of it. More of this please. Flame of Life is currently working on a new album, so be sure and keep your eyes peeled for that bad boy when it comes out.

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