R U D I – Heartstrings


Heartstrings is a new single from artist, R U D I. This heartfelt and emotive song features the clarity and production quality of contemporary pop, without any of the posturing or ego that typically gets in the way of enjoyment. Not only are R U D I’s vocals passionately delivered, but the guy can actually sing. His voice drives the action here, and as he competently belts out the lyrics, we can sense that he really means every word of them. The song is also well crafted, with a chroeographed build-up to a wildly catchy chorus. Thematically, Heartstrings combines elements of hopefulness and disappointment, the tone often oscillating between persuasion and despair. As the title implies, it’s a romantic song, but a refreshingly honest and all too realistic one. Mainstream friendly and memorable, I could see this release gaining some traction.

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