Neicy Redd Da Gawdess – Lonely At The Top


Lonely At The Top is a new single from artist, Neicy Redd Da Gawdess. The track is driven by her bright and softly dynamic vocals. Style-wise her delivery is reminiscent of iconic R&B singers like Brandy. The music has an approachable feel, and thematically it’s the type that will appeal to pretty much any demographic of people. Her voice has a certain tenderness and sentimentality to it. I don’t really know how to describe it, but you can just sense the positive energy. The backing music has a smooth, slightly retro R&B vibe. Refreshingly, the focus is on quality songwriting and vocal performance, and the recording is free of any hype or smoke and mirrors production gimmicks. Though she refers to herself as “Da Gawdess,” her actual music is actually very down to Earth and presents much more humbly than one might expect.

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