The Side Deal / Goldie Records – I Can See Clearly Now


In conjunction with the end of the COVID-19 lockdown, Goldie Records and band “The Side Deal” have partnered up to release an uplifting music video. This “visualizer” or montage, utilizes the iconic song I Can See Clearly Now with the intent of bringing a sense of optimism back to the public after what has been a rather dreary time. On that front it certainly does deliver, at least to a degree. The quick paced editing helps to maximize the amount of positive imagery, of which quite a lot is packed into the three and a half minute runtime. One thing the video really manages to capture is the spirit of action or activity. In recent months, people have gotten used to a lifestyle which consists mostly of just sitting around in their living rooms playing Monopoly or watching Netflix. This video presents images of people being active outdoors again, not to mention social. Perhaps most significantly though, is that everyone in the video is smiling. They all look so happy and are lovin’ life. It may be a little while before people are willing to go out again in full force, but this vid will definitely activate the endorphins and get you in the mood to do something.

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