Keller – Heart on Ice


Heart on ice is a new single from DMV-based artist, Keller (also known as known as Kellzie). This track blends elements of hip hop and avant garde spoken word poetry. It has an ambient, performance art quality to it. Set against a hypnotic, slightly ethereal backing beat, Keller’s vocal delivery quietly reverberates as he spouts verses filled with romance and sentimentality. The raw and organic production style of the recording enhances both the artistic credibility and sincerity of the performance. There’s not a lot of unnecessary flash here. It’s as if we’re listening to a tape recorded confession or love letter. At times it feels almost voyeuristic, knowing the expressed sentiments are directed toward someone else. Brimming with emotional intimacy, Heart on Ice stays true to its title, as Keller seems willing to wear his heart on his sleeve for the duration of the song and for the benefit of his audience.

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