Blow_flyy – Bleed 4 You


Bleed 4 You is a single from Canadian artist, Blow_flyy. The track also includes a performance from critically acclaimed vocalist, Keonte Beals. With a back beat that’s thick and fresh, the song oscillates between smooth, melodic vocals and charismatically delivered rhymes. The dynamic back and forth of these two artists creates an almost perfect balance. Taken as a whole, it’s all very full-sounding, as the mix is compact and condensed into a tight musical package for maximum impact. Contentwise, Blow_flyy manages to demonstrate a world of passion and assertive attitude, without ever veering into the gutter of unrespectability. Bleed 4 You combines class, energy and raw talent to create a vibrant, high octane sound that’s not afraid to show a tender side. The song doesn’t waste a moment of its runtime. This is like an EP’s worth of material packed into a sweet radio edit.

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