Highbred – Higher State

Higher State Cover Photo

Higher State is a new EP from artist, Highbred, courtesy of Dark Web Records. This mini-album contains two crisp and mesmerizing EDM jams. With an extensive background as both a DJ and a conventional musician, Highbred seems to have a knack for meticulously constructing dubstep beats and adjacent club-style forms of music. The production is very clean, and he demonstrates an affection for complexity as well as an attention to detail. True to the spirit of EDM, the ambiance is bright and invigorating, particularly as the songs slowly build and “kick in.” In the case of the track Above the Clouds things really intensify around the 1 minute mark. Tame Me has more of a mellow, flavorful vibe for much of the song but finally goes into maximum overdrive in a memorably epic moment. Though this album is brief, there’s no shortage of “danceable” energy. Higher State plays like a little jolt of lighting in a bottle.

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