All-In-Moment – Self-Titled


All-In-Moment is a self-titled album from the Staten Island-based hard rock/metal band of the same name. The songs sometimes begin with sparse and coy intros before hitting you like a freight train with assertive guitars and a full on rocking sound. The guitar playing is very precise and polished, which is especially impressive for this genre of music, where artists can get away with a little bit of messy play if the song goes hard enough. There’s nothing sloppy here at all, though. Numerous strategic pauses and breaks are incorporated into these jams for great effect. The songs are also surprisingly dynamic. No two tracks sound the same, as multiple different tones and cadences are experimented with. Refuse the Call has one of the more memorable melodies and some sweet guitar riffs. The whole album is solid though, with complex songwriting and a clean, professional mix. Lots of potential here for these guys.

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