Hazeline Taffe – Strength n Dreams


Strength n Dreams is a new release from artist, Hazeline Taffe. This cleverly titled reggae mini-album consists of two tracks: “Strength” and “Dreams.” Both are quite good. The first song is a celebration of the strength that gets the artist through each day and “overcomes every obstacle.” The tone is upbeat and inspiring, and Hazeline can certainly sing very well. Dreams is a tad more tender and sentimental. It’s an inspiring song that pleads with you to never give up on your dreams. The vocal track is outstanding, and the backing music is emotionally moving. I could almost see this song being used on a Disney soundtrack of some kind. All in all, this little album is brimming with talent and the sincerity. Too pure for this world, this is an artist that makes you really want to root for her. This is fantastic stuff.

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