Von Ba$$ – Never Sober


Never Sober is a new album from hip hop artist, Von Ba$$. This release contains over 40 minutes worth of flavorful jams. Featuring occasional guest artists, lyrically rich content and a wide variety of distinct beats, it’s a true “full album.” Songs like Crunch Time hit with fresh, summertime liveliness, while other tracks like 2-3 Zone have more of a sentimental vibe. There’s something for everyone in this multi-dimensional epic.

Von Ba$$’s delivery is laid back and reflective, as he relates stories, makes plans for the evening and sometimes calls people out without ever losing his composure. He analyzes and reflects on various situations in his life, often with a nod to nostalgia. The backing music is smooth and mellow for the most part, but the moderately paced beats have enough punch to them to keep the party rolling. My favorite song on here is probably Fucked Up, which has one of the better intros you’ll hear in a hip hop song. Combining quantity and quality, Never Sober delivers the goods.

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